About Us

After 17 years of service to the Washington DC community, the Daniel DiTondo Foundation will be closing its doors. Thank you for your continued support of our work.

The Daniel DiTondo Foundation is dedicated to bringing educational and artistic opportunities to Washington DC students.

In April of 2000, friends and family of Daniel DiTondo came together to organize a foundation in service of the work to which he dedicated his life. Daniel was a fifth grade teacher at John F. Cook Elementary School in Washington DC, and an artist. As a legacy of his love for teaching and art, the foundation was created to bring opportunities for artistic and post-high school education to public school students in DC.

Each year the Daniel DiTondo Foundation sends students to summer art camp, for the past two years at the Corcoran Gallery of Artand the Capital Children’s Museum. There the students have learned claymation, cartooning, drawing, bookmaking, photography and other artistic media. This exposure to art education is especially important due to the decades-long lack of funding for a public school art curriculum in the Washington DC public school system.

Another major element of the foundation’s mission is a college scholarship fund. The first scholarships will be awarded to the high school class of 2007, the graduation date of Daniel’s last fifth grade class.

To learn more about the Daniel DiTondo Foundation, and about Daniel DiTondo, see our newsletter section, or join us on facebook.