College Scholarship Program

Since 2007, the Daniel DiTondo Foundation has been providing scholarship aid to students in the Washington, DC public school system. We have awarded over $70,000 in scholarships, helping dozens of students realize the dream of a college education.

One grateful scholarship recipient recently wrote to us: “I wanted to take time to thank you for allowing me to be a participant in the Daniel DiTondo Foundation for my college journey. Thank you for being one of the top supporters of my education and, most importantly, for believing in my success. I have received my degree, a B.A. from Trinity Washington University, majoring in Human Relations and minoring in Education, and I made the Dean’s List.

“I’m sure Mr. DiTondo would have loved to hear about that choice for my minor.”

He sure would have.

STUDENTS: If you are a high school senior in the Washington DC public schools, please apply! We give priority to students studying art, and those who attended John F. Cook Elementary, but all DCPS students will be considered for scholarship aid. So please fill out the application and send it in! The deadline is May 1.

Please click the following link to download this year’s scholarship form: DANIEL DITONDO FOUNDATION Scholarship form 2016

DONORS: If you would like to help support a young person’s goal of higher education, please click here. All donations are tax deductible, and, because we have no paid staff, all donations go directly to programming.